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AB 1950: Sample Briefing and Tips to Challenge Probationary Terms Under the New Law

Date Posted: December 14, 2020

Governor Newsom recently signed AB 1950, which reduced the maximum period of probation to two years in most felony cases, and to… more

Seeking Covid-19 Relief For California Inmates: An Update in the Wake of In Re Von Staich

Date Posted:

What Happened in In re Von Staich? In re Von Staich (Oct. 20, 2020) 56 Cal.App.5th 53 held that CDCR, in violation… more

Welcome to New Staff Attorney, External Career Opportunities, Changes to FDAP Website …

Date Posted: November 18, 2020

In this panel alert, we welcome FDAP’s newest Staff Attorney: Megan Hailey-Dunsheath. We also share a couple of external career… more

Panel alert: (1) upcoming trainings, (2) OSPD listservs on the Racial Justice Act and the Batson bill, (3) compensation claims update.

Date Posted: October 21, 2020

Quar-WIN-tining: An Overview of Noteworthy Panel Victories During the COVID-19 Pandemic Litigating during the COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy…. more

Upcoming FDAP Training Opportunities

Date Posted: October 5, 2020

We at FDAP are pleased announce two upcoming MCLE training events to be held in the next couple weeks. The… more

Panel Alert: (1) the September 16 roundtable discussion with the appellate project directors, and (2) staff changes at FDAP.

Date Posted: September 11, 2020

Register for September 16, 2020, CADC Roundtable With Project Directors In the spring, California Appellate Defense Counsel (CADC) usually holds… more

Helping Our Incarcerated Clients Survive Covid-19

Date Posted: June 30, 2020

FDAP is closely monitoring the rapidly devolving situation at San Quentin, where nearly a third of the inmate population is… more

FDAP Panel Updates: Oral Argument, COVID Habeas Petitions, E-Service

Date Posted: June 17, 2020

First District Oral Arguments Move to Video-Conferencing(Eff. June 18, 2020) Although in-person oral arguments remain suspended, the First District is shifting… more

Join FDAP and Public Defenders Around The Nation To Stand In Solidarity Against Police Brutality and Systematic Racism

Date Posted: June 7, 2020

On Monday June 8, 2020, FDAP will join public defenders from around the country to stand in solidarity with those… more

Black Lives Matter

Date Posted: June 4, 2020

On this day—when a memorial is taking place to honor and mourn George Floyd who was brutally killed at the… more

Results: 1 - 10 of 20