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February 2, 2017


Panel Attorney: Mara Bernstein

[Published Decision – 9 Cal.App.5th 339] Father appealed from the juvenile court’s findings at the six-month review hearing. The Court of Appeal agreed stating father’s out-of-state location and lack of participation did not excuse the Department’s failure to provide reasonable services. In addition, the Department failed to make the required active efforts under the ICWA to prevent the breakup of the Indian family.


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February 4, 2021

Upcoming: A conversation with Justice Jackson and Justice Streeter; The California Racial Justice Act of 2020; Changes to 1st District Brief Covers

FDAP cordially invites you to join us in a discussion with Associate Justices Teri L. Jackson and Jon B. Streeter on Wednesday,… more

January 12, 2021

New Law (AB 1869) Eliminates Many Fees and Fines; 2021 New Laws compendium

2021 could not have come soon enough. Last year was challenging to the say the least. On top of a… more