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FDAP Attorneys Honored for Work Advocating for Inmates Impacted by COVID-19 Outbreak at San Quentin State Prison

The Daily Journal editors have selected FDAP Assistant Director J. Bradley O’Connell and Staff Attorney Richard Braucher as recipients of the 2021 California Lawyer Attorneys of the Year Award for Appellate Litigation.

To read more about the San Quentin case, the Daily Journal award, and how to support this work, please click here.

COVID-19 Information for FDAP Clients and Panel Attorneys

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the First District Appellate Project (FDAP) extends our best wishes to those stricken by the virus and all those impacted in other ways, including financial losses and job security.

These are the most challenging of times.

Please visit our Pandemic 2021 information page and FAQs, where we share information about FDAP operations, Court operations, and try our best to answer any questions. Be sure to view the related FAQs.


Latest First District Victories

June 2, 2021


Panel Attorney: William Capriola

In a case in which appellant was convicted of, among other sex offenses, annoying or molesting a child under Penal Code section 647.6, subdivision (c)(2), the Court of Appeal found that insufficient evidence established an essential element of the crime – that appellant’s conduct was both objectively and subjectively irritating or disturbing. Additionally, the Court found trial counsel rendered ineffective assistance of counsel by failing to object to inadmissible and prejudicial testimony on several significant topics. Thus, the court reversed the judgment of conviction as to all counts.


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