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First District Victories

>> Searchable FDAP Victory Database (see information below)

>> Pre March 2005 Victories

Victory Database Information - As of March 2005, all First District victories will be posted in the new FDAP Victory database. Here are some tips to help you use the Victory Database:

  • Each victory will appear as a separate entry in date order. Scroll down to see older victories.
  • In most cases the opinion is available in PDF format. Click the download link next to 'Full Opinion (PDF)' to view/download the opinion.
  • To search for all victories in a particular category, simply select the category in the Categories Menu and click the 'show category' button.
  • To search for a specific term, panel attorney, etc. enter the word or phrase into the search box and click 'Search'. Note: the search function will generally only match on exact words, names, or phrases. You will get the best results by using brief, specific search terms.
  • If you have questions or need help please use the our contact form to email FDAP's webmaster.


Pre March 2005 Victories - You may download older victory reports in multiple formats by using the links below:

2004 Victories
Download 2004 Victory Report in the following formats:

Victories through October 2003
Download Victories through October 2003 in the following formats:

Victories through March 2003
Download Victories through March 2003 in the following formats:

Victories through March 2002
Download Victories through March 2002 in the following formats:


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