FDAP Awards

In November 2016, upon the celebration of our 30th Anniversary, FDAP recognized with awards the contributons of several members of our community:

  • 9 board members and staff members (listed below) who have served FDAP for 25 years or more;

  • our Partner of the Year: Appellate Court Services of the Judicial Council of California; and

  • our Volunteer of theYear: Timothy F. Ryan, Senior Counsel, Morrison Foerster.

Silver Service Awardees

Several current and former members of our organization have contributed to our work for 25 years or more. For such a small organization like FDAP, the unwavering and lengthy dedication of so many individuals to our work and our clients is nothing short of inspiring and note-worthy. From our board members who volunteer their time to our staff members who have foregone more lucrative careers, all have made it possible for FDAP, not just to succeed, but to excel in training attorneys and ensuring to-notch representation.

FDAP thanks the following board members and staff members who have contributed to FDAP for a quarter century or more.

Board Members

  • Robert Calhoun
  • Jeannie Sternberg
  • Herbert Rosenthal

Herbert Rosenthal

FDAP Board Member Herbert Rosenthal

Retired Staff Members

  • Former Executive Director Matthew Zwerling
  • Former Staff Attorney Frances Ternus

Frances Ternus

Former Staff Attorney Frances Ternus

Current Staff Attorneys

  • Assistant Director J. Bradley O’Connell
  • Amy Grigsby
  • Paula Rudman
  • Kathryn Seligman
  • W. Richard Such

Partnership Award

This could also be called the unsung hero award. The Appellate Court Services (ACS) division of the Judicial Council of California plays an integral and vital role in the Court Apponted Counsel (CAC) program.

FDAP and the other appellate projects coordinate on a daily basis with the staff of ACS to ensure the prompt, fair, accurate, and proper payment to appointed counsel. ACS also provides support to AIDOAC (the judiciary's advisory body with oversight of the CAC program), works tirelessly to ensure proper funding of the CAC program, and generally partners with the appellate projects, the appellate courts, and the panel to provide essential support, without which the excellence in representation achieved would not be possible. .

FDAP thanks all the staff who have worked at ACS over the years, including the current staffers:

  • Bob Lowney, Director
  • Deborah Collier-Tucker, Manager
  • Latrice Brown, Associate Analyst
  • Sandra LeVert, Analyst
  • Bernadine Adams, Administrative Coordinator

Volunteer of the Year Award

FDAP thanks and honors our Volunteer of the Year: Timothy F. Ryan, Senior Counsel, Morrison Foerster. Tim has provided FDAP with dozens of hours of pro bono legal services. FDAP is grateful for Tim's support, contributions to our organization, and always-sage and ever-reassuring advice.



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